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01What is NINJA Platform

We make generating secure ICO tokens easy for creative entrepreneurs to reach new heights

NINJA Platform makes the token economy accessible to entrepreneurs, innovators, and future-thinking creators around the world.
We offer easy, secure, and tradable tokens to generate their very own ICO tokens without any coding.

We also offer a Token Marketplace to connect creative entrepreneurs, value creators, leaders of the new generation and investors who believe in the power of creativity.

Our platform is for passionate entrepreneurs who want to redefine traditional business structures.

01What is NINJA Platform

NINJA Platform is the world's first blockchain fundraising platform focused on creative entrepreneurs and their companies who want to contribute and create value for the world.

What is NINJA Platform

We break technical and legal barriers and create a world where start-ups and companies can launch ICOs and receive what they deserve beyond the existing corporate funding infrastructure.


Break out from the VC driven startup ecosystem

The Problem

Too Technical
Unfamiliarity with the technology brings uncertainty and lets most entrepreneurs give up before they even started.
High fees
ICO consultation fees are sky-high and unrealistic for startups, especially for the creative sector.
Legal risks
Time, cost and effort will have to go through to set up business conditions straight for Smart Contracts.

The Solution

Leave the tech to us
Simply fill out a form and be ready to ICO. Our platform is easy to use and will navigate you through the process.
Transparent fees
€100 / unique token generation and KYC.
Legally safe
We help you cut time and cost, and conduct our process strictly under the Estonian ICO regulation.

We remove the typical barriers of an ICO and create a world where start-ups and companies can do ICOs beyond the existing corporate funding infrastructure.

03Our Service

1.Simple Unique Token generation platform

NINJA Platform generates unique tokens for creative entrepreneurs, “NINJA Tokens”. These tokens are secure and tradable on global marketplaces without any limitations compared to conventional fundraising platforms. Based on Ethereum as a standard ERC 20 token, the token is a trusted cryptocurrency that can be used to trade and exchange on any global platform, to accelerate any business expansion.

For Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs (In-House corporate entrepreneurs), NPOs

2.ICO Consulting

We provide personalized ICO consulting tailored to the needs of each client in topics like legal regulations, taxes, financing, effective promotional methods utilizing our own experience for creative industries.
We believe in the possibilities of virtual currency, and we will exchange value mainly through NINJA Tokens after complying with the laws of each country.


NINJA Platform ICO Details.

Name of Token
Ticker Symbol
Token Sale Schedule
Starting time: February TBD 12pm CET
Closing time: March TBD 12pm CET
Currencies accepted
Ether(ETH), via smart contracts.
Token type
Token / Currency rate
Know Your Customer(KYC)

We may need to ask for customer verification, if investment is above 500 ETH.
Who can participate: You must seek advice in your country about your participation eligibility in the token sale event.
Non-eligible users are not allowed to participate in the NINJA Platform Token Sale (ICO)



  • NINJA Token Type A


    For startups that are passionate about value-creation reach people on a global scale with fair costs and transparency.

  • NINJA Token Type B


    For internal corporate ventures. Use tokens to procure external funds through internal ventures related to creative industries.

  • NINJA Token Type C


    Use tokens to procure necessary funds for projects and activities with an ICO.

Business Model

    (OR 0.5ETH)
    1. One time payment for generating Security Token
    €100 NINJA Token
    2. Success Fee
    For an ICO using tokens that were generated by the NINJA Platform that exceeds 50% of the funding target, we receive 5% as a success free from each token sale.


What we do with the capital acquired by ICO

Token Sale Schedule

Show where you are in the process and what’s left to tackle.

Smart contract content
Starting time
February TBD 12pm CET
Closing time
March TBD 12pm CET
Fixed rate
1NJT = 0.00001ETH


The Co-Founders

We are Believers, Mavericks and Go-Getters.

  • Ryo Hattori
    Ryo Hattori
    CEO / Creative Lead, Master of computer science. Strong network in Tokyo’s creative scene as CEO of Creative Agency.
  • Kay Yano
    Kay Yano
    CEO / Business Lead, Master of enterprise business & partnership Ex−Google, IE MBA, Based in Berlin.
  • Rina Obi
    Rina Obi
    CMO / Marketing Lead, Social business & human-centered-design enthusiast Ex-Google, Multilingual.
  • Yuki Katoh
    Yuki Katoh
    CTO / Tech Lead Machine Learning, Blockchain, Ex-Rocket Internet. Finance and Meditech specialist
  • Nobuki Hizume
    Nobuki Hizume
    CCO / Art Lead Apparel designer based in Paris.